Monday, September 12, 2005

13Ranchos- Political Blog from Argentina (Spanish)
AACCLA- Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America
Archaelogical Mind- Archaeology, Maya, Egypt, Digging
BabaluBlog- Right-wing blog by a Cuban-American from Miami.
Bicycle Mark- Blog with podcasts on world affairs, based in Amsterdam
Blog on Argentina- By Toutasis. Timely business news from Latin America
BU- Blogs Unidos, Political Blogs in Portuguese
Cambio Social Latinoamerica- Analysis and commentary on Latin America
Casa Alianza- Non-profit dedicated to helping homeless children in Latin America
CLAS Oberlin- Oberlin College's page for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
CLAS UBC- University of California-Berkeley's page on Latin American and Caribbean Studies
CLAS UNL- University of Nebraska-Lincoln's page on Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Colonial Latin America- Fordham University page on earlier times in Latin America
ECLAC- Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, a United Nations Regional Commission
Global Voices- Collaborative website with in-depth information on foreign affairs
HispanicTips- News on Hispanics/Latinos, especially from the U.S.
Journal Of Bolivian Business- Business, economics, and politics in Bolivia.
LAB- Latin America Bureau, research, publishing, and education on Latin America and the Caribbean
LACEA- Latin America and the Caribbean Economic Association, developing economic ties within Latin America
LADB- Latin America Database, News and Educational Services on Latin America
LANIC- Latin American Network Information Center- Created by the University of Texas, a single-stop site for information on Latin America
Latin American Bookstore- Books from/about Latin America
Latin American Video Archives- Latin American and U.S. Latino made video and film
LatinFocus- Information on Latin American economies Economic and political news from Latin America
LatinoPundit- A Latino blog born ou of underrepresentation Job board for those bilingual in Spanish or Portuguese
LAWG- Latin America Working Group, Action at home for just policies abroad
Luterano- Blog discussing news stories on El Salvador. In English.
Mexico Desde Fuera- The ideas of one Mexican living in New York
MookaMotel- Posts mp3s of really good music, some inSpanish and some not.
MOLAA- Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA
NACLA- North American Congress on Latin America, independent non-profit
NMSU Internet Resources for Latin America- Internet page with links to information on Latin America by New Mexico State University
El Oso- Blog by a bunch of Latinosliving in NYC.
Our Man in Bolivia- By British journalist Damian Kahya.
Peruvia- A synthesis of English-language news on Peru
Political Database of the Americas- NGP from Georgetown University, information about government in the Americas
Posthegemony- Hegemony, Posthegemony, and related matters
Poverty and Social Development in the Caribbean- A platform to explore the different layers related to human and social development within the corporate landscape.
RedPepper- Left-wing blog on Venezuelan-related news.
Religion in Latin America- Providence College's site of information on religion
RulaBlog- Blog focusing on US foreign policy towards Latin America, the impact of free trade and debt on Latin America, Latin American social movements, and the US/Latin American solidarity movement.
WOLA (Washington Office on Latin Amerca)- Promoting human rights, democracy, and social and economic justice in Latin America
Zona Latina- List of media resources in Latin America